What are all the emails I receive?

In order to stay up to date, we require that customers receive emails regarding any account updates, shipping notices and receipts. Below is a list of what you should be on the lookout for.

Be sure you receive these emails by adding to your contacts. 

Monthly Recommendations

This will act as a reminder email and receipt which will be sent 3 days before your processing date. You'll know what wines are in your box and will be shipping soon, as well as what the cost will be. You can make any changes or skip your account at this point.

Skip A Month

Sent after the account has been successfully skipped using the Skip A Month button located within your account's My Membership section. You should look for this email as a confirmation that the account has been paused. It will also give the date the account skipped and the date it will resume.


An automatic notification is emailed to the you when the order ships. It includes a link to your Order History page where the tracking information in located. 

Delivery Exception

When a wine delivery is missed, you'll receive this email notifying you. At most, you'll receive this 3 times for each attempt that has been made and missed.

Credit Card Decline

If you receive this email, this means there was an error processing the order. You'll have 3 days to update your billing information or the reserved wines will be added back to inventory. 


To manage your other interactions with us or to opt in to SMS delivery notifications, visit your Account Settings page!