What is the Palate Profile Quiz?

The Palate Profile Quiz is a simple questionnaire that helps us choose wines uniquely matched to your tastes. After you complete the initial Palate Profile, we continually refine your preferences based on your Personal Wine Ratings for each bottle.

  1. How do you like your coffee?
  2. This question says a lot about someone’s drinking style! It tells us about both flavor preference and texture preference. If you’re someone who likes milk in their coffee, then that tells us you’re looking for more texture (think of skim milk as on par with a lighter bodied wine, whole milk as medium, and cream as full-bodied). Likewise, if you’re more of a frappuccino person, you likely want to stay away from the grippy and bitter characteristics that strong coffee can have.
  3. How do you feel about salt?
  4. This question tells us whether or not someone is averse to bitterness. If you have to have salt on your food, you’re likely not a fan of bitterness, because you’re using salt to suppress it. In regard to wine, this might mean that wines with a particularly bitter taste would be a poor choice for you. You might want to stay away from bigger reds that can have bitter characters, which come from the skins, stems, or seeds of red grapes.
  5. Do you like citrus?
  6. This question tells us about whether or not you enjoy acidity. If you were to choose the “mouth puckering” option, we might want to give you higher acid wines, where the first sip can feel like biting into a lemon. However, someone who is averse to the sensation of tart citrus should be recommended wines with lower acidity that are softer on the palate or that have a bit of sweetness that makes the acid less apparent.
  7. Do you like earthy flavors like mushrooms and black truffles?
  8. Flavors of earth, mushroom, and truffle are secondary, or complex flavors, as opposed to primary flavors like fruit flavors. Someone who loves these earthy flavors and says they would pretty much eat dirt will enjoy a wine that has some funk to it. For red wines, this might mean that the wine has had some time in oak or is a little older. For white wines, perhaps the wine has undergone a winemaking practice (like exposure to oxygen or malolactic fermentation) that has caused it to develop these secondary flavors and given the wine more complexity. Good recommendations might include certain styles of Pinot Noir, dark/more old world style Cabernet, tempranillo, etc.
  9. Do you like blackberries, blueberries, and raspberries?
  10. This alludes to juicy fruit and/or jamminess in wine. Sort of the antithesis of question 4 – someone who loves berries and would eat them raw will probably enjoy fruit forward wines with sweet, bright, juice and/or jammy fruits. Good recommendations might include wines like Zinfandel, fruity Grenache, warm-climate Syrah (not like Verdadera).
  11. How adventurous are you when it comes to food and drink?
  12. If you’re willing to try anything, we can throw some geeky wines at you to get excited about! We might want to tell you about a new, cool grape called Valdiguie, which produces great red, old-world style wines from Paso Robles.

At Winc, we love to talk about wine. Not sure what you should put in your box? Just ask us!