Why do I have to cancel my Winc Membership account via phone or live chat?

Our goal at Winc is exceptional customer service.  So why do we ask you to talk to a human being to cancel your account? While it might seem inconvenient, there are two important reasons why the only ways we process account cancellations are via live chat Mon-Fri 6am-5pm PT and Sat-Sun 7am-4pm PT or phone at 855-282-5829 Mon-Fri 6am-5pm PT and Sat and Sun 7am-4pm PT.

  1. We want to handle your request promptly and provide confirmation that the process is complete. A live conversation with an agent ensures that we get the information we need to complete your request on the spot.
  2. We are a relatively new and fast growing company and are passionate about improving every aspect of the customer experience. Collecting feedback from customers, especially when it comes to things we could be doing better, is invaluable to us.

Please do not assume your account is canceled until you have personally spoken to an agent via phone or live chat and received email verification of your cancellation. This is to protect both parties and serves as confirmation that we received and processed your cancellation request.

Please note that if you registered your email with us and received a Welcome email, but did not enter in billing information or place an order for your first shipment, you are not currently enrolled in the Winc Membership.