What are the different promotions that Winc offers?

Here's a quick breakdown of everything you need to know about Winc promotional offers!

  • The majority of promotional offers are for new members. If you're already a member you can earn an unlimited number of credits by Referring a Friend.
  • You must use the promotional or voucher code at checkout, and it is only valid toward that first order.
  • All wine purchases at Winc require a 3 bottle minimum purchase.
  • Promotions cannot be combined.
  • Promotions are based on wines at the $13 price point. If you see a promo for a bottle on us, that's referring to a $13 bottle of wine. $26 equals two bottles of wine. And the 50% off promo is based on an order subtotal of three $13 bottles.
  • Membership promotions do not apply toward gift purchases.
  • People redeeming a gift are not eligible to use promotions at checkout.
  • Winc's payment for new member (and other promotions) is an instant rebate on a portion of the purchase price paid for each product.
  • Shipping promotions are applicable toward standard shipping only.
  • The maximum value of any percentage off offer (i.e. 50% off a three bottle order of $39) is $20. 
  • To learn more about our Give A Box program, click here.
  • Void where prohibited.