Where can I find the status of my Membership order?

Once you have selected the wines you would like in your monthly order, you are able to see the date they will process in the Order History section of your account. 

There, you can see the wines in your current order as well as the status. Here are a few statuses you might see:

Authorized Your order has been placed. Our warehouse will soon get your wine ready for you to enjoy!
Committed Your wine has been packed and has begun making its way to you! It’s been picked up by FedEx and is waiting to be scanned at the first hub. Once it's scanned, you'll get your tracking number to follow along!
Shipped Your wine has been scanned into the first FedEx hub. You now have your tracking number to follow its journey to you!


When the order has reached "Shipped" status, you can view the details of its journey en route to you by clicking the specific order and then by clicking the Track Package button.

We also send you tracking information in your Shipped email. If you are not seeing these, be sure to check your promotions or spam folders. You can also add to your contacts so you don't miss any important emails!

If you'd like to be opted in to receive delivery notifications via SMS, just go to your Account Settings and click the checkbox next to "SMS Shipping Notifications."