My order just shipped, but I won’t be home to sign for delivery, what can I do?

Someone 21 or older has to be available to sign for all your Winc orders. We know it can make shipping a little more difficult, but it's alcohol and it's the law. The good news is if you don't think you're going to be home to sign, there's a solution available to help you out!

Schedule to pick up at a FedEx Office location for free

No worries if your package is already in transit, you can always follow the steps below to make arrangements for pick-up on an as need basis.

1. Visit your tracking link on (You can access your tracking number from your Order History page)

2. Click the purple "Customize Delivery" button to select the "Hold at Location" option

3. Enter your order's original shipping address to select the location of your choice

4. As soon as it's delivered, your tracking link will indicate it’s available for pick up. Visit the location within 5 business days with your I.D. and tracking number.

5. Enjoy!



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