Why do you give gift cards starting at $60?

We think Winc is the ultimate way to give wine because your recipient can choose to either enjoy a taste of the full Winc Membership or a unique Winc gift box experience.

The Winc Membership includes getting to take the Palate Profile quiz for the first time, getting to see what our wine experts recommend specifically to your tastes, and the flexibility to choose your own wines.

A Winc gift box experience is highlighted by beautiful packaging and a personalized card front and center when you open your gift. Each gift includes exceptional wine, and some boxes even include a curated selection of accompanying items.

We are required by law to charge sales tax on all orders we ship. It's difficult to know the exact amount of an order, including tax, before the order actually ships as it can be different state by state. However, for membership orders it usually comes out to under $60. And we want the gift card to be able to fully cover at least one monthly order for your recipient. Gift box orders start around $50 before shipping (ground shipping on gift boxes is complimentary for Winc members).

We're happy you've come to Winc for your gifting needs! Please feel free to contact us if we can assist you any further.