Where can I find my Recommended Wines?

As you log into your account throughout the month, you'll notice there are always new wines getting added! We'll recommend the best fit wines for you based on your Palate Profile, and you can find out what's being recommended for you while browsing the Wines page while logged into your account.

When logged in, all of your current recommended wines for the month will be at the top of the Wines page. Wines best recommended for you will stand out with a gold banner centered above. The number of recommended wines will be based on your current Delivery Settings. Feel free to change this at anytime under the My Membership section of your account.

3 days before your next processing date, if you have't already picked out the wine on your own, your final recommended wines will be highlighted in your Monthly Recommendations reminder email. Please add to your contact list so you don't miss out on that important reminder.

Don't forget you're always welcome to pick out the wine on your own at anytime if you prefer!