How do Winc gift cards work?

With a Winc gift card, you can choose an amount and write a personalized gift note for your recipient. A gift card can be sent via mail or email. Your recipient can then redeem their gift card to enjoy either a taste of the full Winc Membership (including getting to take the Palate Profile quiz for the first time, getting to see what our wine experts recommend specifically to your tastes, and the flexibility to choose your own wines) or use it to purchase a Winc gift box.

When completing a gift card purchase, please note that you'll be asked to create an account in order to receive an email confirmation. You will not automatically be enrolled in the Winc Membership after purchase. 

If sending a gift card to your recipient doesn't best fit your gifting needs, you may consider sending a gift box! Please feel free to contact us if we can assist you any further.